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Benny Lava

Welcome to Benny Lava! The volcano is erupting, and sending lava down upon the poor natives. The lava god, Benny Lava, hates the natives, and their stupid huts, and wants them all to burn in his lava. The natives don't like the idea of this, and will try to last as long as they can against the torrents of lava coming down the mountain.

Benny Lava is our submission for the Global Game Jam 2011. You can see our GGJ page here.

  • Authors:
    • Jimb Esser - Engine programming, particle effects
    • James Laird - Gameplay programming, design
    • Nick Duguid - Art, design
  • Created during the Global Game Jam 2011 (48 hour game development jam)
    • Original build made during the jam here forever (we might improve it afterwards).
    • 84 man-hours (3 people for 28 hrs - we slept a lot more than the other teams)
    • 144 SVN commits
    • 2400 new lines of code (not counting existing Glov engine)
  • Built in Glov (Game Library of Victory)

Estimated System Requirements:
  • OpenGL compatible video card, NVIDIA GeForce 5 (FX) series or higher recommended, or equivalent
  • 1.5Ghz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Game controllers (for more than 2 person play). Recommended: PlayStation 2-compatible game pads ($10 each off of eBay), plus SuperJoybox 4 port PS2-USB adapters. Lots of them.
  • Large screen projector for large numbers of players