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BBE is a game inspired by the Bomberman series of games, and has been lauded by some as the best bomberman game ever.


  • Smooth single-computer multiplayer experience for 10-30 players, supporting as many players as you can attach controllers for (up to 128).
    • Players can easily enter and leave the game between sets
    • No hassle intuitive simultaneous control configuration
    • Customizable and expandable avatar selection
    • Entertaining game experience even after your character has been defeated
  • Lots of configurable options for various game features, such as team play, post-mortem activities, variations on special power-ups, etc.
  • AI players

New in version 1.4 (2011-09-01):
  • 300% Performance Boost (should run much better on low-powered computers, like the tablet I ran it on at PAX Prime)
New in version 1.3 (2011-04-10): New in version 1.1 (2010-08-31):
  • Mount-control game mode option - first kill drops a mount power up, you get points for staying on your mount, when someone accumulates enough points (their countdown goes to 0), they win! If you die, you simply respawn and try to take a mount from someone else. In our playtesting we've found people traditionally awesome at Bomberman are not as good at this mode, and people bored by normal Bomberman have a blast!

Estimated System Requirements:
  • OpenGL compatible video card, NVIDIA GeForce 5 (FX) series or higher recommended, or equivalent
  • 1.2Ghz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Large screen projector for large numbers of players
  • Game controllers (for more than 2 person play). Lots of them. Recommended: PlayStation 2-compatible game pads ($10 each off of eBay), plus SuperJoybox 4 port PS2-USB adapters. Or, more expensive, Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless controllers with official Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows. Note: only buy licensed Microsoft receivers (labeled "Microsoft" not "XBOX360"), the cheaper knock-offs only support 4 controllers total - with the Microsoft ones I have no problems plugging in 4 receivers, for 16 controllers total.
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