BBE has been developed collaboratively by a number of people, and can always use a bit more work! If you're interested in contributing, perhaps one of the following things would interest you:
  • Programming - contact Jimb Esser for SVN access or if you just want to look at the source code.
    • Linux support (current code all uses libraries available on Linux (SDL, etc) and someone did get the code compiling and linking under Linux a few months ago, but no active member is supporting it).
    • New gameplay features
    • Better map editor
  • Level design - submit your best levels to the forums.
  • Art - new character sprites, special effects, level backgrounds/graphics schemes - submit to the forums. The best non-derivative works will be included in the core game files.
  • Audio - we're sorely lacking in original audio files! Everything is needed from background music, to explosions, to an announcer recording of "First blood!" and other announcements.
  • Web - Gosh is this site ugly.